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tv   President Trump Departure Remarks  CSPAN  October 10, 2019 4:51pm-5:03pm EDT

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republicanism that drove his administration as president. bill buckley attacked what they called the age of modulation meaning the age of moderation and then to accept the new deal and as a nonemergent garden-variety but they were worried there was no sense of crisis on the standard republican right and there was substance of the faith of the country and the world morally and politically was intimately involved in what would happen in the next couple of yearsas. so when the magazine endorsed
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eisenhower's election the official slogan of the reelection campaign was i like ike. >> now we go to the white house for a few moments the president spoke to reporters as he left for his campaign rally in minneapolis. here are the president's remarks. >> [inaudible conversations] we just completed a negotiation with china and we are having another tomorrow i mean with the vice premier.
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think it's going really well i will say. i think it's going really well so to be speaking later but basically they are wrapping it up and we will see them tomorrow right here it is going very very well. >> [inaudible conversations] >> what happened? who took 900,000? i hope is not true that joe biden took $900,000. i hope that's not true. for the sake of the country i hope that's not true.
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but i don't know anything about it. >> [inaudible conversations] >> i don't know but the whistleblower has been inaccurate because when we release the transcript of the conversation i had with the president of ukraine who frankly today gave a news conference on unrelated things was asked a question and he said president trump behaved perfectly fine there is nothing wrong in any shape or form or something to that effect. i appreciate that but the president of ukraine said that is fine i think it is has how he remembered it just like the transcript is a perfect transcript there shouldn't be
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any further questions. with the president of ukraine just made that statement so that's good just like the transcript is a perfect transcript there shouldn't be any further questions. with the president of ukraine just made that statement so that's good. >> i don't know those gentlemen. it's possible i have a picture with them because i have a picture with everybody. i have a picture with everybody here somebody said there could be a picture at a fundraiser or somewhere. but i have pictures with everybody. i don't know there's anybody i don't have pictures with. i don't know them for quite a know about them. i don't know what they do. i don't know. i just don't know. >> [inaudible] >> no. so to have a conversation with a country and in this case ukraine which was a perfect conversation where the president of ukraine just said there's no pressure whatsoever.
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that we had a perfect conversation. then on top of that are less important frankly, on top of that we have a transcript of the conversation fortunately that's perfect for quite think it is very unfair every time the country thinks they have a conversation with the president of the united states it will be all over the world. i think that is very unfair. but in the case of what we're talking about, we released a perfect conversation the president of ukraine just confirmed that and that should be case over. but adam schiff took that conversation before he saw it and fabricated the conversation. to me that his criminal. >> [inaudible]
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>> i just don't think running a country that you can have all of these people testify about every conversation you have had and in this case we have a transcript. almost immediately for transparent. nobody has been more transparent than me. and in this case you also have the president of ukraine saying absolutely it was a perfect conversation. the democrats have committed crimes because they made up the conversation. the whistleblower. i don't think people should be allowed yet to run a country i don't thank you should be allowed to do that. >> [inaudible] >> the uk are in the process
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of being spoken to. i did have a conversation yesterday with boris johnson, a good one talking about diplomatic immunity. it is an interesting situation. we are trying to work something out. we will work something out i think we will be able to. >> [inaudible] >> how many people can they talk to? we had a simple conversation. everybody knows what the conversation was because i gave it immediately when i heard about it. the whistleblower who seems to be a democrat involved with a lot of people gave a full
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interpretation because we have it. the president of ukraine just said just now that the conversation was absolutely perfect. no problem. it was a very good conversation. so i don't know why they would be calling rick. you're all these people. this is a bad situation for the country. >> [inaudible] >> it was reported. again i don't know how he knows these people. they are clients? then they have a lot of clients. i just don't know i haven't spoken to rudy about it. i don't know but from what i have heard they said we have nothing to do with that. we have nothing to do with it. >> [inaudible]
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>> china can do whatever they want. they want to look into something they can look into it if they don't want to they don't have to. frankly, as far as i'm concerne concerned, if china want to look into something come i think that's great and if they don't want to i think that's great to. . . . .
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>> perhaps the last one i hope. i hope the last one. of the three i hope it's going to be the last one. look we have no soldiers and serious. we have one. we beat beat isis and beat beat them badly and decisively. the last thing i want to do is bring thousands and thousands of soldiers in and to feed everybody again did we have already done that. what we have is really two choices. have the choice of bringing in the military and defeating everybody again or you have the choice of financially doing some strong things to turkey so they take it a little bit easy on competition that i don't think this being fairly treated in many ways. we have a very good relationship with the turks or we can mediate that i hope we can mediate, john. i hope you can mediate.
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[inaudible] >> turkey knows where i stand and the last thing, okay very simple. we had a big mystery. we left the area. i don't think the american people want to see us go back one of our military, go back with our military again. we won. we left the area i don't agree want to go back in per let's see what happens. we are going to possibly do something very very tough with respect to sanctions and other financial things. >> i think we can win. >> along time since a republican one. we have a 20,000 seat auditorium we have madison square garden and it's sold out over 80,000 people requested tickets.
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it will be totally sold out. i don't know who's going but it will be totally sold out. if you're going to be there i'm going to miss you but they have a line now that's many blocks long. amazing. we have the line right now in minnesota that as many blocks long. i think i can win minnesota, yale. omar is helping us win in minnesota and many other places. i will see you in minnesota. i will see you in minnesota.


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